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Whack Your Ex 2

Whack Your Ex 2 is a sequel to the fighting game Whack Your Ex, about a couple who are bored with each other and have many conflicts. The game is set in a restaurant, where the girl only knows how to take pictures and the boy is only engrossed in playing games. They criticized each other, and the couple's conflict escalated to the point where they began fighting. The game aims to alleviate stress and discomfort in romantic relationships. In the game, you can take anything and throw it at your opponent, smashing their virtual image.

How to play Whack Your Ex 2

The fighting game is very balanced and turn-based. You can click on the floor and select any object to attack your opponent.


  • Weapon selection: You can choose many different weapons on the floor to attack your opponent: chairs, plates, potted plants, ceiling lights, glasses, etc.
  • Vibrant images and sounds: Compared to the first version in 2D black-and-white format, the game has been upgraded to a 3D version with many different colors combined with appropriate sounds.
  • Clear plot: The game has a plot and context that help players easily visualize the situation in the game.
  • Added combat features: Two characters will fight each other and only one will win. You can follow the blood line on their head to know who is about to win.

A note when playing the game?

The game content is completely fictional, helping people reduce tension and stress. Absolutely not reproduced in real life.

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