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Storyteller is a creative interactive game. You will play the role of the storyteller, narrating a romantic, magical love story with many fascinating details.

How to play Storyteller

  • Starting from the first table of contents page, you can choose which chapters to play.
  • The game will provide elements such as characters and settings will be added to the game. Your task is to arrange them into a story according to each picture.
  • When you piece together a complete story, the game will automatically display the results.


  • The interactive story-style game brings something new and interesting to players. At the same time, it promotes creativity and logical thinking.
  • There can be many ways to arrange the pictures, as long as they make sense and create a meaningful story.
  • Although it revolves around a tragic love story, the game still brings players laughter with cute and funny images.

What should I do if I get stuck on a level?

If you find yourself stuck to some extent, keep calm and reorganize things. Don't follow the same old path; be creative. Leave all the elements back where they were and find a new direction.

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