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Sort the Court

Sort the Court is a simple but fun role-playing game where you play as a king or queen to rule the kingdom. Every decision you make can affect the survival of the nation, so make careful and wise decisions.

How to play Sort the Court

  • Every day, consultants, citizens, wizards, or creatures will come to you and offer their opinions. You just need to answer by choosing Yes or No.
  • Every decision you make will immediately affect the country through the following indicators: population, happiness, and wealth.
  • After each day, there will be a statistical table of how the indicators have changed with your decisions.


  • Kingdom management: You will play the role of king or queen and manage your kingdom.
  • You will meet many diverse creatures: Fisherman, Butler, Chester, Drummer, Wizard...
  • Simple but important decisions: Although you only need to answer Yes or No, your decisions will affect the survival of the kingdom.
  • Diverse situations: Randomly generated events and opinions in the game add freshness.

How do you best manage the kingdom?

There are 3 indicators that affect the development of the kingdom: population, happiness, and wealth. To keep these indicators balanced, you must weigh your decisions.

Be a wise king/queen with the right decisions.

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