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Love Archer

Love Archer is an interesting arrow-shooting game. You will play the role of Cupid, aiming to shoot the arrow of love. Arrows for one and arrows for the other. But what if the arrow hit both a man and a bat?

How to Play Love Archer

  • You will assume the role of the god Cupid, resembling a winged child wielding a bow and arrow symbolizing love.
  • You will shoot arrows at the two characters below to connect them together. You can drag and hold to preview the arrow's path. Then release the arrow to fly to the previous aiming point.
  • For one level, you have five arrows. Try to aim well and don't waste the opportunity.


  • Special Arrow Shooting Challenge: The game provides an interesting arrow shooting experience. Instead of using regular arrows, you will play the role of cupid with arrows connecting love.
  • A special combination: Your connection's results will surprise and entertain.
  • The level of difficulty increases gradually. Later on, there will be obstacles.

Does the game have a progress-saving feature?

The answer is yes. The game will save your previous progress; you do not need to start from the beginning, but you will start from where you stopped before.

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