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Puzzle Love

Puzzle Love is an extremely attractive love puzzle game. This game helps you train your brain and love life more.

How to play Puzzle Love

  • Your task is to solve puzzles by moving the squares so that the boy and girl can come together. There are challenges in love that seem insurmountable, but there is always a solution so that two lovers can be together. This game is the same. There are always answers to puzzles; the important thing is how hard you are willing to try.
  • You may face monsters on your way to true love; be careful.
  • Moving blocks with a slash above is not possible.


  • Solving love puzzles: Players will solve puzzles to help our two characters find their love.
  • Beautiful graphics: The two characters' adorable, humorous cartoon designs provide players with a pleasant experience.
  • Increasingly challenging: As time goes on, the puzzles become more difficult, and the path for the two main characters to find each other will be full of challenges.
  • Educational: The game is more than just a puzzle; it also conveys a meaningful message about love.

How many levels does the game have?

The game has a total of 30 levels, with increasing difficulty. You can drag and drop the mouse to move blocks or use the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard.

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