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Kissing Simulator

Kissing Simulator is an extremely interesting kiss simulation game. You can do a French kiss with someone in front of you.

How to play Kissing Simulator

Before kissing, you need to perform a holding action by holding down the A, Z, ↑, and ↓ keys simultaneously for a long time until the movement occurs. After that, continue to use those keys to complete the next movements that I cannot list here.


  • Kiss simulation: The game simulates kissing in a detailed and realistic way, allowing you to describe every move in real life.
  • Character interaction: You can interact with a character by holding hands, talking, and kissing.
  • Romantic experience: The game can create humorous and romantic situations between you and the character.

What does it take to initiate a kiss?

To start a kiss, you must first start by holding hands. Then, ask your partner "Would you like me to kiss me?"

Practice regularly to become the best kisser.

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