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Pirate Love Tester

Pirate Love Tester allows you to test the compatibility of your love life with your crush. Just provide simple information such as name, age, etc., and you can know what the compatibility percentage is between two people.

How to Play the Pirate Love Tester

  • Play the Pirate Love Tester has two modes for you to choose from.
    • Simple mode: Just enter your name, age and gender to calculate the results.
    • Complex mode: In addition to three factors: name, age, and gender, you need to provide additional information about eye color, height and weight.
  • The game takes place on a beach with a lovely sun and wind setting, making it a relaxing experience.

Are the answers provided in the game 100% accurate?

The game is fun and entertaining, stirring up the atmosphere. Don't put too much emphasis on the results; just enjoy the fun of playing the game.

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