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Rivals: Who's Gonna be my Girlfriend?

Rivals: Who's Gonna be my Girlfriend? is a fashion and dating game. You will dress up in gorgeous outfits to go on dates with cute guys.

How to play Rivals: Who's Gonna Be My Girlfriend?

  • You will select the appropriate outfit and hairstyle to impress that attractive guy. Many satellite girls will surround him, but if you're beautiful, he'll notice only you.
  • You can determine his preferences based on his clothing and age, enabling you to select outfits that will captivate him and keep his attention. For example, if you see him in a sporty style, choose sneakers and clothing that are comfortable for movement.
  • Win the stages and capture the hearts of all the attractive men.

What are the tips to win the game?

Pay attention to the image of the man in the bottom corner of the screen. The guy will probably show his heart when you choose items that match his taste.

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