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Love Evolution

Love Evolution is a love game that takes you on a journey of discovery through time and space. You will play the role of a girl who started in prehistoric times and evolved to meet her destiny.

How to play Love Evolution

  • When the game starts, the girl's journey opens.
  • Please move forward with the girl, collecting modern items such as fans, smartphones, tablets, etc. (mostly green) to be able to evolve.
  • At the same time, you need to avoid red items such as bones, bushes, dinosaurs, etc. (mostly red) to avoid reverse evolution.
  • The higher the level you go, the more unique obstacles there will be, making the journey even more interesting.

Who could be the girl's destiny?

Each level of evolution will assist the girl in finding the right partner for her life. It could be a farmer, general, director, royal family member.

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