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True Love Calculator

True Love Calculator is a free online game that can help you figure out if you're compatible with a person. This interactive love calculator offers surprising results with just a few clicks. It is beneficial for both finding love and helping your friends find love.

Are you curious about your own or someone else's love life? Let the True Love Calculator satisfy your curiosity.

How to Play True Love Calculator

  • Enter your name and gender.
  • Input your crush's information.
  • Experiment with other names. 
  • Sit back and await the results.

Game Features

  • Simple control with mouse and keyboard input.
  • Sophisticated algorithms generate compatibility scores. 
  • Tailored romantic guidance for individual or friend matchmaking.

Is the True Love Calculator's result random?

Yes, the compatibility score generated by True Love Calculator is randomly generated. This adds an element of surprise to each calculation. 

What is considered a good score in True Love Calculator?

Most people think that a matching score of 60% or higher is a good sign of true love. But keep in mind that love is complicated and has many sides, and no tool can fully show them.

Are the names entered into True Love Calculator kept confidential?

Yes, the names you put into True Love Calculator are kept secret. The only thing the game does is make matching scores based on the names you enter. No information is saved or shared after the scores are made.

Start the adventure where you will learn about the ties that hold people together through love and connection.

Save the game and play for free! Another fun game on Love-tester.io you might like is Flames Calculator.

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