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Toca Boca The First Kiss

Welcome to Toca Boca The First Kiss game! First love is beautiful with unforgettable memories. In the world of Tocal, help newlywed couples give each other passionate kisses without anyone finding out.

How to play Toca Boca The First Kiss

  • There is a new couple in love and they are quite shy, not wanting to reveal their feelings to everyone yet. They are afraid of people paying attention to them.
  • Please help the couple give each other secret kisses.
  • Click and hold the mouse anywhere on the screen to start the kiss and stop when anyone shows signs of moving.

How can I hide it from everyone?

Pay attention to the other characters in the room. Every time a yellow exclamation mark appears, it means they are about to change direction. Then stop kissing, don't let them find out.

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