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Secret High School Kissing

Secret High School Kissing is a fun game that brings exciting feelings to players. High school is a beautiful time in everyone's life, with an unforgettable love that we will always remember. Occasionally, we are unable to wait until the bell rings before giving each other a sweet kiss, so we secretly do it during class. Let's do some secret high school kissing together, as long as the teacher doesn't find out.

How to play Secret High School Kissing

  • Your goal is to kiss your lover without the teacher knowing.
  • Pay attention to the teacher's eyes; whenever the red exclamation mark appears, immediately stop the kiss and return to your position.
  • Click to kiss, and hold the mouse to maintain the kiss.

Is the game timed?

There is a timed game based on the school day. To know the time of day, pay attention to the clock icon in the upper middle of the screen.

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