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Office Kissing

The Office Kissing is an office-themed game where players have to deal with the tricky seas of dating at work. You have to sneak kisses and flirt with each other without getting caught. Once you fail, you'll get fired. Is it the last thing you want?

How to Play Office Kissing

To fill the hearts at the top of the screen, kiss the two coworkers as much as possible. Fill all ten hearts for the highest score. Longer kisses fill hearts faster.

  • Keep a keen eye on your meddlesome boss. He constantly patrols the office to supervise your work.
  • Avoid kissing when he's nearby, as getting caught will result in immediate termination.
  • Take advantage of distractions, such as the boss's trips to the water dispenser or phone calls.
  • Act swiftly to resume your office flirtations.
  • Keep track of the office hours between 9am and 5pm.

You only have a limited window to carry out your secret office romance before the workday ends.

Game Features

  • Risk and reward: balancing workplace romance and termination.
  • Distraction mechanics: using clever diversions for romantic opportunities.
  • Progressive gameplay: unlocking characters through high scores and mastering office romance.
  • Time limit: managing office hours for maximum romantic escapades.

Can I save my progress in office kissing?

Office Kissing may offer the option to save progress, depending on the platform or version of the game being played.

What happens if I get caught by the boss?

If caught by the boss, you might lose points, have to restart the level, or face other consequences, depending on the game's mechanics.

Can I pause the game?

Depending on the game's design, you may or may not be able to pause the game. Check the pause button or settings menu for options.

Office Kissing is a great game for people who want to play something exciting and risky. It combines romance, risk, and strategy. Another similar game on Love-tester.io you might like is Beach Kiss.

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