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My Perfect Hotel

My Perfect Hotel is an extremely fun and exciting dream hotel-building game. You will become a hotel owner, gradually managing and expanding the property until you create a top hotel.

How to Play My Perfect Hotel

  • In the early days, you will build the hotel. At first, you were the only one working there. Let's start with the hotel receptionist position: collecting money and delivering keys to guests.
  • After that, clean up the room and receive tips from guests.
  • Use that money to expand other rooms, hire more receptionists and cleaners, etc., and grow your hotel.

How to Control My Perfect Hotel

You have two ways to control the character:

  • Method 1: Use the keyboard's arrow keys or AWDS.
  • Method 2: Using the mouse: Press and hold the mouse, then move it in the desired direction. To help you know the direction, there is a circle with a white dot inside.

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