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Elsa's Love Problem

Elsa's Love Problem is an intriguing game that revolves around Elsa's love story. Sadly, a car struck Elsa while she was crossing the street. But, by chance, Jack appeared and took her to the hospital. After that, her life underwent many changes because of a budding love affair between her and Jack.

How to Play Elsa's Love Problem

  • First, help Elsa get treatment to completely recover after the accident. Give her medicine; remove the pieces of glass from her skin; and apply medicine to the wounds.
  • After she recovers, she will meet Jack to say thank you for taking her to the hospital. Help her choose outfits, and then make the right decisions in love.

Can I change the outcome of my relationship with Jack?

Yes, every decision you make will affect Elsa and Jack's love lives. Choose what you want and feel is okay.

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