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DOP Secret Love: Riddles and Puzzles

DOP Secret Love: Riddles and Puzzles is an interesting and unique puzzle game. You will do everything to help the lovers get together, clear up misunderstandings and maintain a good relationship between the heroes.

How to play DOP Secret Love: Riddles and Puzzles

You will find options like delete, click, drag and drop... that can solve the problem they are facing.

  • If it rains, help them draw an umbrella to protect them from the rain and sun.
  • If their paths are mixed up, rearrange the pieces to help them find each other.
  • If they lack flowers, pick a bunch so they can give it to each other.

What if I don't know how to handle the situation?

You can use the hint feature by clicking the light bulb icon at the bottom of the screen to receive hints from the game.

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