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Cats in Love

Cats in Love is a game in which you must attempt to help two adorable cats stay together. The game revolves around the love story between an orange cat and a white cat. The orange cat is finding its way to the white cat.

How to Play Cats in Love

  • Your task is to clear the obstacles in order to make way for the orange cat.
  • To eliminate lurking dangers, use available items around the yard, on the yard, on the balcony, or on the roof.
  • For example, use rocks to cover the water hole so that the orange cat does not fall in.
  • The orange cat's journey to find love is fascinating and also full of challenges. Please assist him in finding the white cat love of his life.

How many chances do I have?

You have five hearts, each corresponding to five opportunities. If you fail once, don't give up; try to use all the items to solve the problem and get to the adorable white cat.

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