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Cat Lovescapes

Cat Lovescapes is an extremely fun and engaging click-and-point game. You play the role of Cupid, the god who will help the black cat overcome his grandmother's house and be with the lovely, furry white cat.

How to play Cat Lovescapes

  • In grandmother's house, there are six different cats. Among them, the furry white cat captured the heart of the black cat.
  • Use household items to divert the attention of all other cats and grandma, allowing the black cat to unintentionally approach the white cat.
  • You'll restart the room if you don't escape them.
  • The game has many levels with different unexpected situations, giving players exciting challenges.

What if I can't load the game?

The game's stunning, impressive graphics will take some time to display. Just wait a moment; you definitely won't be disappointed.

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