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Banana Clicker

Banana Clicker is the latest version of clicker games. Players in this game click on a banana to earn money, which they can then use to upgrade skills.

How to play Banana Clicker

  • To collect gold coins, the player clicks on the banana.
  • The player will see the amount of money they have collected directly below the banana.
  • The faster the player clicks, the more gold they get.
  • With this money, players can buy upgrade packages to collect even more gold.


  • The gameplay is simple; just click on the banana to get gold coins.
  • The game has no strategy and no timer to help players truly relax.
  • The game has many attractive upgrade and unlock mechanisms; players can play for hours.

What upgrades can I purchase?

There are 3 upgrade packages: increase gain per click, buy passive gain, and increase passive gain. You can choose any package to upgrade your speed.

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